Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pizza On The Grill

Tonight I cooked a pizza on a Weber Performer.

The crust is the one demonstrated in these videos:

I made up a batch of crust ahead of time, and freeze in 10 oz. doughballs.

the doughball is formed into a 12" pizza skin.

A #10 can of Charcoal is lit on the gas assist on the Performer.

Set the grill up for indirect grilling.

Grill the pizza skin on on
e side only, placing the skin on oiled parchment paper makes it easier to transfer to the grill. place the skin so that half or so is over the coals, and rotate every 30 seconds until done.

Add your favorite toppings, and return to the grill, place pizza with half of the pizza over the hot coals, turn every minute or so. The pizza should cook in 6 - 12 minutes depending on your fire.

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