Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chuck Roll

This is a Chuck Roll I did in January this year. A Chuck Roll is beef shoulder, very similar to pulled pork, but beef. This was a 16 hour cook on the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.

pulls nicely

I got the Chuck Roll at Sam's, had to ask the butcher, you don't normally find these in the meat case. It weighed around 18.5 lbs. It came in a cryovac, it was marked choice, and Black Canyon Angus.

Chuck Roll cryovac, 16 lbs

The rub used was Texas BBQ Rub Brisket rub.



The fuel was Royal Oak Lump, set up for minion method. The smoke wood was Hickory chunks (6) and Apple chips.

Royal Oak lump

Royal Oak lump, minion method

The cooker settled in at 225, and the meat went on.

temp around 225

onto the smoker

After 6 hours, when the meat reached 160, it was wrapped in a double layer of heavy duty aluminum foil.

foiling on the smoker

Meat foiled in the cooker

When the internal temp hit 205 the meat was pulled and let rest for an hour before pulling. The beef looked awesome coming out of the foil, and was very easy to pull.

out of the foil

pulls nicely

There was a nice smoke ring! The yield was 8 lbs of pulled meat. This was sealed up with a food saver and frozen. I'll definitely be making this again when I run out.

smoke ring and bark