Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beer Pan Chicken

Tonight’s dinner is Beer Pan Chicken, that’s right, not beer can, beer pan. You won’t find a beer can in my house, ever, I think beer should be served in bottles. Besides, Cooks Illustrated has tested this and they say that it is better to pour the beer in a pan under the chicken.
Start out by rubbing the chicken with your favorite rub, I used John Henry’s Pecan Rub for this one.

Set up the beer can holder in a metal pie pan, and pour in half a beer, I used Red Stripe because it was on sale.

Stand the chicken on the beer can holder.

For a little wood smoke flavor, I used Orange wood pellets in the BBQR’s Delight cast iron smoke box.

Light a full chimney of charcoal.

Assemble the smoker without the water pan, and place the chicken on the top rack.

Adjust your vents to get the temperature between 325 and 350 degrees.

Cook the chicken until the temp hits 160 degrees.

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